Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin Review

Algreen Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin is constructed of 100% recycled material. It features two sliding doors at the bottom that is used to remove finished compost, and a locking self-watering lid to keep out animals. The composter also comes with an essential composting guide, “A Sense of Humus.”

This composter with latching lid is outstanding for kitchen scraps, particularly if you live in an area where critters could get into your compost.

I just imagine it’s also the ideal solution for people in more urban environments because it will make your compost tidy and not unsightly.

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I would need about 5 of these to handle to fall leaves, so I opted for a cheaper alternative for leaf litter and use this for kitchen scraps. I’ve not had a critter problem.

I think if you’re an urban gardener, this is your best bet for a composter. It’s also super easy to set up, and you have the option of putting the two bottom sliding doors adjacent to each other or on opposite sides.

I advise this bin for its ease to put together, acceptable aesthetic, and strong construction.

A 20-year warranty covers the Algreen Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin.


-Well constructed with recycled materials

-Lid locks in place to keep out pesky animals

-Sliding doors allow for easy collecting from the bottom of the pile

-Large top opening for easy access to adding material or stir the pile

-Bottom of the composter is open to allow for drainage and beneficial worms

-The lid has holes that make it self watering and allows for air circulation

-20-year warranty


-The bin must be placed on a completely level area for the lid to work properly

-Will require a good deal of effort to turn the pile

-Compost can sometimes get caught in sliding doors making them hard to close

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